ST Angler Profile Series - July 2018

As most of you know the Speckled Truth is a community of Trophy Trout purist made up of anglers across the coastal states from Virginia to Texas. With the inception of the Angler of the Month Profile Series, our goal is to capture the experience from some of our followers and showcase not only the incredible catches, but the profiles behind those displayed in the pictures.

For July’s profile, Speckled Truth members chose Christopher McKinley. In the picture Chris submitted, you’ll see a big trout who decided that a hothead Super Spook was not welcome in her personal space. Diving slightly deeper, which is the best part about these profiles, we get to know Chris and the story behind his winning photo.

Chris, like most of us, grew up fishing. As a resident of Matagorda, he had the luxury of learning the nuances of the Laguna Madre from his grandfather, Mr. Sonny Hebert. In those outings, he established the foundational understanding about speckled trout fishing and it fostered Chris’ passion for the outdoors. Now in his 30’s, Chris owns and operates a guide business along the Texas coast called Full Throttle Outdoors. During his charters, he continues to share the same passion with his customers, like he once did from his grandfather.


When asked to describe the day, Chris described with vivid detail a run of the mill April day with a delicate blend of sun and clouds. In addition to the conditions, he also remembers that there was a “super high tide” and no shortage of action. Fielding quick limits, they continued to work a shoreline gut with big aspirations and as fate would have it, he was rewarded.

Chris described, “About mid-day, I glanced up (at my bait) and noticed a big blow up. When I felt she had the bait, I set the hook and no sooner she came up and shook her head. After a few sizable run’s I noticed as she got closer that something looked weird.”

That something weird was the tail of a mullet protruding from her mouth – an amazing but not uncommon occurrence from Big Texas trout. Now with her safely landed, the crew snapped a few quick pictures and promptly released her so she could finish her meal and hopefully make more trout. No length or weight was recorded but with best guess, she was recorded as a heavy 28.5 hovering around the 9lb mark.

When asked if he wanted to share anything else. Chris mentioned that the creel limit reducing from 10 fish to 5 fish (5 over 15” with 1 over 25”) has had a significant positive impact on that complex. He added “we’re catching more quality fish than ever before and I firmly believe it’s because of that (limit reduction) and more people practicing catch and release.”

So with great humility and appreciation, thanks again Chris for participating in our Angler Profile Series and supporting Speckled Truth. Also, I’d be re-missed if I didn’t say thanks to everyone else who submitted a photo – your support for our community is much appreciated.

So until next months profile. Keep pluggin’ everyone and God Bless!